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About half of all older adults are at risk for malnutrition, although this risk mostly goes unrecognized. Stepping Up Your Nutrition (SUYN) is a brief intervention created to combat malnutrition in community and clinical settings.

This 30-minute online SUYN Leader training will provide you with the skills and resources to:

  • Educate and motivate community-dwelling older adults to prevent or lower their malnutrition risk

  • Identify malnutrition risk and refer at-risk older adults to community-based resources

After completing the online training, SUYN Leaders will be able to deliver the interactive workshop for older adults. SUYN workshops focus on:

  • How nutrition affects falls risk

  • The importance of muscles for strength

  • Key nutrients for older adults--particularly protein and fluid

  • How to determine personal nutrition risk and handgrip strength scores

  • How to create an action plan to improve nutritional health

SUYN can be delivered in group or 1-on-1 format:

  • Ideal for community health workers and organizational volunteers

  • Can be taught in conjunction with other evidence-based programs for older adults (e.g., fall prevention, chronic disease self-management, physical activity, caregiving)

    • In a group format, SUYN can serve as a Session Zero

After completing the online training and knowledge test, SUYN Leaders will receive:


  • Facilitator tips about effective workshop delivery

  • Complete curriculum for SUYN and certificate of completion

  • Optional questionnaires that can be used to identify nutrition risk and resources for individuals with identified risk

  • Participant handouts for the community workshop



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